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5-character t shirts you should have in your collections!

The summersare coming, and this is the time when you reinvent yourself and restock your wardrobe for the upcoming hot season. T shirts are the go to options during the summers and t shirts are something that everyone would recommend you for the summers. These are extremely comfortable to wear, and they have a design as such that there is easy air flow thus the perspiration doesn’t stay there for long and create problems. The t shirts are usually made up of material that is hypoallergic in nature or it is made of cotton which hypoallergic in nature as well. Thus, there is no problems regarding allergies which is a very big issue during summers due to increased heat and sweating.

T shirts are inexpensive to buy and easy to keep and maintain and on top of that they are extremely colourful and cool which give the wearer an added advantage. These factors and the fact that these can be used as an undergarment and worn individually as well where they can be paired to make up any look you want be it formal, casual, funky etc. makes the t shirts the very first choice of clothing till the arrival of harsh winters.

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This winter you have a chance to revisit your childhood and be the kid you once were and that too with grace keeping your coolness and social quotient intact. You have a chance to don the characters you had spent your childhood with. Sport your favourite cartoon characters on your chest with the pride and fun that you feel while donning your favourite quote t shirt.

5-character t shirts that you should have in your collections are as follows:

  • Mickey mouse:Who can forget the famous and the first non-human to win an Oscar award and who doesn’t like the character of cute little mickey mouse? Mickey mouse was mostly the first cartoon that we got introduced if not tom and jerry which were awesome by the way. Mickey mouse t shirts look cute, cool and flamboyant due to bright colours they are in.
  • Spiderman:Spiderman has been a favourite character to many people of our age group and fans of Spiderman are very stringent about their favourite character. And the character always looks cool on a t shirt.
  • Kun-Fu Panda: These look super cute on anyone who wears it and you are bound to hear some famous dialogues of the series from people who see you wearing them.
  • Donald duck: Most of the people would just start mimicking the duck’s voice in which he used to talk and that’s the beauty of it, you won’t have to put in efforts to make people laugh, your t shirt would automatically do the job for you.
  • Avengers: “Avengers assemble”, who could forget the famous dialogue from Robert Downy Jr.? This is a movie which entirely changed the marvel cinematic universe and made fan of itself all over the world. A t shirt of the team is always cool to don.

This is something that you shouldn’t sit upon, as these t shirts are limited and someone else reading this might just succeed in scoring those last pieces and you would left only to repent at your lack of activeness. So, take out your card and log on to the websites like, flipkart, myntra, amazon, jabong etc. and get to shopping. These websites have latest collections that are available and at times not available in the local markets.


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