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A Day In the Life At The Impact Guru Office

Before I started working for Impact Guru I knew what crowdfunding was, and had a vague sense of how it works too. But in the four months I have spent at the company as Content Manager, I’ve acquired more concrete understanding of the unbelievable power of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding for medical, creative, and social causes alike is a process that includes everyone who makes an effort to be part of change making, at different scales and in varied scopes of action. There’s room for those in need of financial aid, and those who are moved by the stories of campaigners’ experiences and want to donate. There’s space also for mediators who facilitate this process, and these are people who run crowdfunding platforms and work for them, making sure that campaigning and donating are brought together seamlessly, and robust bridges of goodwill and trust are built between humans who partake of this altruistic process.

Impact Guru adopts a social enterprise business model (and has a non profit arm, which is the Impact Guru Foundation), and in the workplace, we have a young and energetic team of people, most under thirty, and each one an achiever in their fields. Engineers, coders, business analysts, writers, and designers work together to serve up a product, which is the platform, and a service, which is the process of crowdfunding, to all our users in the country and abroad. It is hard to describe a typical day at the company’s Andheri office, because no two days are alike, with everyone multitasking efficiently and brainstorming meetings popping up in passageways and in the pantry. If we want to compartmentalize, here’s how a day in the Impact Guru zone breaks down for different teams.

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Product: The five person Product team spend their days in a sunny cubicle maintaining, updating, and writing code for the Impact Guru website. They are committed to making the user’s experience of spending time on our website hassle-free and smooth, and create interfaces and navigation pathways to guarantee this.

Business Development: The largest Impact Guru team has eleven members, and they are divided, internally, into inbound and outbound teams. Generally speaking, this team works on customer (campaigner) and donor relationships, answer queries, and work on building partnerships and thinking up ideas to collaborate with philanthropists and other businesses.

Marketing: Marketing is one of the smaller Impact Guru departments. Headed by a brilliant Chief Marketing Officer who is a creative strategist, the team is dedicated to building our brand and getting Impact Guru’s work the visibility it deserves.

Finance: To a fin-tech company like ours, a strong finance team is both a requirement and an asset. The group of four address fund settlement questions from campaigners, manage donations and payouts, and work toward building donor relationships.

Human Resources: They keep us going, responding to employee concerns and allowing for productive interactions between company management and the workforce.

Content: The content team of five creative writers take requests from every other team and write articles, emails, and create presentations and communication and advertising material. Together, they indefatigably put out over ten thousand words on a typical day, and design dozens of marketing materials!

The Impact Guru team is a melting pot of sorts, with individuals from diverse backgrounds coming together to put together a process that allows each one of us to contribute to change making in the world. This is why our work is so enjoyable, and meaningful, to us.


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