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Amicable Divorce in a Nutshell

After exploring all available options in an attempt to save your marriage, both you and your partner decide that no common ground can be found for your relationship to continue, in other words, if you decide to end it.

It is best for both parties to do it peacefully, civilized and with respect. Is amicable divorce possible? The answer is yes, but the more important question is whether it’s worth? Mediation experts at Pacific Coast Mediation explain how it all works.

It Is In Everyone’s Best Interest to Avoid Tiring Court Meetings Which Can Drag on

Bringing forth mutual resentment to the public by spending tons of money on expensive lawyers to be the middlemen in your ongoing fight is unnecessary. Wasting precious time in fighting over a sinking ship is a no win for anyone.

You have to admit that it sounds a bit selfish as well, especially when you put your kids into the equation. They are probably having the worst time because they have to witness their parents fighting over who deserves and loves them more like they are some piece of furniture.

The goal of a divorce is not to win over your partner, no matter what your relationship had turned into over the years. The healthiest and best possible long-term solution is to be as friendly as possible about it and try to avoid all the trouble mentioned above.

What Does an Amicable Divorce Mean?

An amicable divorce is not something many people believe is possible. Everyone has their point of view and is quick to judge and put all the blame on the partner.

Vanity can also be an obstacle when it’s crucial to act as an adult and put differences aside. What can be a peaceful end of a chapter in life, people would rather turn it into a legal nightmare and a seemingly endless process which reopens old wounds over and over again.

It is still possible to avoid all that and just move on with your life. Here are three things you need to consider in order to have as less painful divorce as possible.

The Blame Game

This is probably everyone’s favorite. It starts small and before you know it an avalanche of rage and anger trample your marriage. A divorce that follows is just a continuation of that toxic atmosphere.

Do you really want to blame your partner when all is said and done? Is there a point in pointing fingers and does anyone really benefit? The answer is obviously no because more negativity and resentment only hinder the healing process.

If you and your partner choose not to play the blame game then you have an opportunity to go your separate ways peacefully. That is what mediation is all about. To learn more, consult this article

A Good Long-Term Solution

Divorce is never easy, it is also not a competition and no one really wins in the end. It should be an agreement between two people to move on with their lives and try to get the best out of the whole situation. It is never easy to be the better person, willing to compromise, but this is the right time to be smart and put your little wars aside.

You can always spend months fighting with your ex over irrelevant details just for the sake of fighting, or you can figure out things you truly want and need and things that are not up for discussion. This clear-headed thinking will save you both time, money and sanity.

Be honest during negotiations

It sounds a bit odd, but it can be beneficial to stay on good terms with your ex and try to preserve a good relationship for the family’s sake. In that sense, both partners need to be honest about their income, debts, realty, etc.

You need to reveal all the info regarding your economic status so that the divorce can be resolved in quickest and most satisfying manner. You can’t have a peaceful way out if it’s not built on trust and mutual respect.

Your former partner and you are not expected to completely agree on alimony, custody over children, distribution of property, but as long as both of you are willing to compromise and put the family and children before your personal needs, the outcome of your amicable divorce will surely benefit everyone and build a strong foundation for future collaboration and shared parenting.



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