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Anavar – the best cycles for men

Anavar, as we all know is a mild androgenic and potential anabolic drug which is used by both genders in bulking, cutting and dieting phases. Most of the beginners’ choice is Anavar as its side effects are minimal. Beginners,  Intermediate and advanced users use Oxandrolone Anavar as a standalone and along with other anabolic supplements. This fast acting dihydrotestosterone oral anabolic drug impeccably preserves lean tissues and increases the metabolic activity of the body. Actual gains are effectively seen among female users and the muscle remains as such during the Anavar cycle for men, especially in dieting phase.

Men and Anavar cycle:

C19H30O3 is the structural formula of Oxandrolone and due to its structural modification at C17, it has been classified under alpha alkylated group. As the drug does not aromatize into estrogen most of the men desire to follow Anavar cycle. Although it produces little androgenic effects, they do not intact with the natural testosterone production. Oxandrolone is highly capable of cutting down the fats, especially the stubborn fats in the abdominal region, subcutaneous and visceral fat. There is an increased Phosphocreatine synthesis in the mitochondria of the muscle cells. This enhanced synthesis produces muscle strength, endurance, increased energy level after the consumption of Anavar in men. Anavar predominantly helps in the release of hormones such as IGF-1, Follicle stimulating hormone and Growth hormone.

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As a standalone, Anavar Oxandrolone is less effective in muscle building. So, usually men have to take large doses of Anavar cycle. At the same time, some users brilliantly stack the drug with other AAS such as Testosterone variants. Anavar is available in different strengths say, 10mg, 5mg, and 2.5mg. Initially, an intake of 50mg is recommended as Anavar dosage for men. Up to 80mg per day is tolerable and beyond 80mg is not advisable. 8-10 weeks is the best Anavar cycle for men and women. For women, the recommended dose is 10mg per day. While adding Testosterone in the Anavar cycle for men, 150 mg Testosterone per day is allowed. Anavar produces lean, rigid body mass without water retention.

Anavar benefits & side effects:

  • Helps in retaining lean muscle mass even after the Anavar cycle
  • Cut fat and hardens muscles
  • Suitable for women than men
  • Improves vascularity
  • Melts both subcutaneous and visceral fat
  • Excellent cutting AAS

When compared to other anabolic drugs, Anavar side effects are minimal. Anavar impacts on the lipid profile at short doses for a long period of time. It drags down good cholesterol (HDL) and increases bad cholesterol (LDL). So, Anavar users, if they have any lipid profile issues, must consult a doctor before starting. Prolonged Anavar usage causes atherosclerosis, which in turn blocks the heart valves. This condition is an irreversible effect. The most common effects of Anavar are acne, oily skin, male pattern baldness, increased hair growth in the face and body, mood swings, liver toxicity. Anavar dosage for men and women are briefed in this article. By following the cycles with dosage correctly, you can shield yourself from serious effects.


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