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Boxes of the Limoges – best for the collection and gift option

Many people love to collect the object that brings beauty and looks stylish. Collecting beautiful objects is also known as one of the most favorite time pass of many people. In past few years, many people have5 started collecting the porcelain boxes of Limoges.  This is generally because these boxes are very desirable and they are mostly hand crafted that increases its beauty and charm.

Anyone who loves the beauty of the miniature art form loves and admires to collect the Limoges boxes.  Now days these boxes are easily available over online shops, so that you can purchase it from there and add it to your collection. Buying these boxes online proves to be easy as well as difficult. This is because there are several levels of artistry as well as quality of boxes available online. Along with this, variety of styles as well as on various subjects these boxes are also available that’s why it is always hard to purchase these boxes.

Different types of boxes of Limoges 

Travel related boxes – This box is best for those who love to travel a lot and on travel he/she loves to collect the memorabilia of the places they have visited or traveled.  Placing the memorabilia over these impressive and artistic boxes can make it more special. Travelled theme boxes are one of the top. These boxes can provide the detail about the specific place or it can showcase the idea of the travel. These boxes are available in various shapes such as luggage, camera, cruise ships and more.

Music and art style – Music and art style is one of the most popular themes as well. Many Limoges style boxes are available in this theme. In this style many famous artist work has been recreated in the form of miniature and it is properly hand painted to reflect the work of box like the original one. This can prove to be one of the most worthy gift options as well and also good for the collection. You can design various instrument boxes as well in the shape of musical books.


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