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Brand Awareness 101 – How to Get Your Company Seen and Noticed

You must have noticed the business competition around you? But do you think all of them are successful in equal terms?

The answer is no and a large part of their ‘unsuccessfulness’ is due to a lack of brand awareness.

One rule of business which everyone associated with the company must comprehend is that, no matter how amazing your product or service is, your customer service, your logistics, your packaging or website etc. If nobody is aware of it, then it is virtually irrelevant.

A poor quality service is going to have more sustainable business if people are able to access it and are therefore ‘aware’. And essentially it is the number one rule of marketing. It may be top of the marketing funnel and it might not always be the hard-hitting conversions which marketing directors and managers demand for lead generation strategy . But without the larger scale activities, you can’t even get the ball rolling to get to that stage.

Amazing products have fallen by the way side time-after-time and it is because no one knew they existed. Do not allow this early pitfall to be the obstacle from your company growing and building on the foundation you have. Especially as there is no excuse for everyone not to be aware of who you are with digital channels. You can literally spam the internet to the point of irritancy. And although you don’t want to annoy prospects, it’s a better situation to have them avoid you than not know about you!

Here is how you can get your company get more exposure:

  1. Social Media Campaigning

The world has become a global village and all the people on famous social media websites need to know about your business. If your marketing is efficient, you can make customers over the web.

Another cool thing about social media are the sharing recommendations. If someone likes what’s on your social media profiles, they will forward it to their friends.

  1. Live Videos

A lot of people want to know how you are running a business. To make people notice your company, start live video campaigning.

You can talk about product line, introduce your staff members and answer queries of general public. Remember to be professional, polite and try to make people enjoy the videos. This will make people connect to your brand on a personal level.

  1. Niche Oriented Marketing

Let’s say you are a florist. Try reaching out to other businesses, who acquire your service. In this case, let’s say you start giving discounts to a local bridal shop and in return, the bridal shop will recommend your business to its customers.

Business is all about mutualism. If you can provide benefit to people, other people can help you grow.

  1. Giving Discounts

Some restaurants started a strategy of giving a check in on social media and the customer will get 5% discount in total bill. Others went for ‘like – comment – share’ type of contests, in which people who did all the above activities were entered in a lucky draw from which, few of them would win prizes.

By giving discounts, you attract the attention of general public.

  1. Doing Community Service

Community services are a great way to earn exposure. You will earn respect of people as well as be a part of something good for your community.

You can also launch a sponsoring campaign, in which you will sponsor certain causes and social media teams as well as protocol representatives of those causes will help promote your business.

  1. Promotional Merchandise

You must have seen the hype created by real estate and sports industry. People play with action figures or drink tea from cups, gifted by offices of real estate.

You can create a fan following by having a promotional merchandise. You can start with clothing, toys and decoration pieces, which have name of your business. Be careful not to invest too much, otherwise you may lose money.

  1. PR Campaigns

Maybe you started from nothing and now have built something and so, it is time to tell your story to the world.

To make people inspire with your brand, you need to start PR campaigns. Try contacting journalists. To help make their mind, offer them a chance to publish the results of your surveys, which you conducted inside a specific field. This will make a journalist look credible and something endorsed by journalists gets a big pop by the public, thereby greatly helping in promotion of your brand.


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