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Co-op Bank on Clearabee for Expert Rubbish Removal

Let’s be honest, the logistics of a move are not particularly fun. We look around at all the accumulating boxes of possessions amassed over the years and wonder where it all came from, and just as importantly where it is all going to fit. We all tend to horde to a degree and this is the time to think do I really need this stuff? This is where a professional rubbish removal company like Clearabee come in to their own, saving you countless trips to the tip. The Co-operative Society have come to the same conclusion. It is better to let the professionals have the hassle of taking away unwanted rubbish and awarding Clearabee a contract to do just that.

Co-op Agree 3 Year Contract with Clearabee

In awarding Clearabee a 3 year contract to remove unplanned rubbish the Co-op Society see this as a cost-effective move covering their 2,500 retail stores and 1,000 funeral homes. Unplanned waste includes clearing fly tipped rubbish from their car parks and outside areas, plus food waste resulting from freezer failures. Outsourcing to a professional rubbish removal company will allow Co-op’s staff to concentrate on their core business rather than being re-assigned to deal with such unplanned incidents. The anticipated level of demand for Clearabee’s services clearly indicates the degree to which this is a significant issue for Co-op. They estimate demand for their services across sites will be around 5,000 waste collections per year, a sizeable task to leave their own staff to carry out.

The Scourge of the Fly Tipper

Anybody who watches the news, especially local news, could not have failed to notice the stories regarding the persistent scourge of fly tipping. Councils are fighting a constant battle to prevent this and identify the culprits, even if that means going through the rubbish for a clue such as an address to point them back to where the rubbish originated from, even if they were not the ones who ultimately dumped it. This is why employing a legitimate “man with a van” rubbish removal company to dispose of any unwanted items when you are moving is so important. Seeing piles of dumped rubbish on the streets and alleys around our homes, or on road verges and in the countryside is completely unacceptable. By employing a professional with a waste carrier license you can have peace of mind your rubbish will be disposed of properly and not end up dumped in a manner which spoils the area for all.

Makes for a Hassle Free Move

Using a professional rubbish removal company frees you from at least one task surrounding your move. There are many things leading up to the day of your move and on the day itself to consider, worry about and complete. It is not a cliché. It is indeed a stressful time. Yet if you have decided this really is a good time for that sort out you kept promising yourself then letting a friendly, professional man with a van dispose of all your unwanted items frees you from one major moving hassle at least.

Clearabee for an Efficient Service

Clearabee are the UK’s largest man and van type rubbish removal company. They offer a national same day collection service, doing all the loading work for you. With over 90% of the rubbish diverted away from landfill they are a good environmental option for households and businesses. With Clearabee you can be sure you get one of their team, with nothing outsourced, giving you that all important peace of mind your unwanted rubbish will be disposed of correctly.


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