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Cold Weather Growing: How To Keep Your Marijuana Plants Alive


Depending on where you live, growing marijuana can be challenging. There are many factors that are involved to create healthy, strong marijuana plants that it can seem almost impossible for the new grower. Fortunately, there is a lot of useful marijuana growing information online that can help make the growing process easier to understand and much less stressful. That is, unless you live in a climate where it can get very cold in the winter. This creates new challenges for growers and it has the ability to wipe out your crop if you are not careful.

How To Grow Marijuana offers a wide range of informational articles, tips and advice for today’s marijuana grower that can help them grow some of the highest quality plants possible. And if you are struggling with growing your plants in the cold, keep reading for some helpful tips that will keep your marijuana plants alive.

Understand Your Plants’ Needs- every plant is different and every variety of cannabis is different as well. Starting marijuana plants is the easy part, keep them alive and growing in the cold weather can be difficult. Understanding the variety you have and its specific soil, water and light needs is important if you want healthy plants.

Create A Grow Room- if you grow your marijuana plants outside, bring them inside at the first sign of cold weather. Create a grow room that simulates the ideal growing temperature and humidity and be sure to add high efficiency LED grow lights that will help maintain your plants’ health. You can use an outdoor greenhouse, but be sure to add additional heating and a way to add humidity to the air. If using a greenhouse, be sure to keep your plants off of the floor.

Choose The Right Plants- even at the seed level, it is important to choose the right plant for your region and climate. Certain marijuana plants grow best in colder climates and these are the ones you should choose, especially if you have colder weather for more than 4 months out of the year.

With the right information, and the right plants, you can grow marijuana all year long, even in the colder months. It just takes some patience and understanding to grow healthy, strong marijuana plants that produce high quality product.

To learn more tips on how to grow marijuana plants both indoors and out, visit How To Grow Marijuana today!

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