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Framed vs. Frameless glass balustrades

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When you go for glass balustrades, make sure that you are not too blinded by their lookthat you fail to consider safety as a deciding factor. While many companies offer glass balustrades designing and installation services, you should only go for the ones that are reliable and licensed to do this job. Moreover, the type of balustrades you choose will have to be decided upon too. To a normal person, the framed and frameless glass balustrades may look almost the same,but they are not.

Today we will be talking about these two individuals so that you can understand them better.

Frameless glass balustrades

These glass balustrades sure look nothing less than a sight no matter which part of the home they are installedin. However, it is suggested that you use these designs only for the indoors if you are planning on not using the hand railings. Since without the railings, they can get a bit unstable for the elderly and kids around.

When going for the frameless glass balustrades, do try to get a thickness which is between 12 and 20mm. Going anywhere below that would work against the durability of these glass structures.

However, before you get started, do talk to the service provider about the various structures they would be better suited for. Since the glass balustrades that come with frames do not fit well with all designs.

Another factor to look into with these types is of cost. Due to their complicated design, the glass balustrades without frames are costly than the other option.

Framed glass balustrades

These designs are fairly more economical than the other option that we have discussed previously. These semi-framed balustrades, glass clamps and upright, can be slightly less in thickness. For them to be in the safe range, the thickness of the design can be as low as 10mm and go up to 20mm depending on the design you have selected for your home.

The frames of these balustrades are usually made from stainless steel since it provides them with the stability and durability you have been seeking. The frames can either be circular, rectangular or square shaped in their design so that you have plenty of options to choose from for your balustrades.

The frames are as much a part of the design as they are of the structural component of the balustrades. They are often attached to the overall glass balustrades using the clamps made from stainless steel which hasbeen designed and tested specifically for this very purpose.

So, what are you waiting for? Order the glass balustrades that best meet your needs and are most appealing to you. However, only go for a service provider which would follow the standards and regulations with the glass balustrades, framed or frameless.This would ensure the safety of your loved ones along with that of the balustrades in general.  You can know more about the importance of finding the right vendor on Balustrades: A Buying, Installation & Maintenance Guide.


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