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Helping Kids with Special Needs Transition Schools

Everyone will tell you that taking care of children is never an easy task, you have to be on a lookout all the time and think two steps ahead. It gets easier later in life with years of experience, and the fact that school takes over a part of that responsibility.

Start of a new year of education or transition from one school to another is always a big change in a child’s life and every new beginning is hard. Same rules apply to kids with special needs in addition to a few more difficulties they have to overcome.

Children with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety or learning disabilities are just some examples of kids who naturally require more time and support in order to adjust to a new milieu.

What is the goal?

The goal is to create the safest and most supportive environment for your child with the help of mentors who will work together with you and the child to enable just that.

For example, after a year spent in smaller study groups, students needs have to move to a bigger, more open environment with fewer restrictions and more autonomy for each student in agreement with teachers and psychologists.

This is a big change for any child, and it is your task as a parent to provide love and support needed to help your kid adjust and reconcile their needs to a new setting and new tasks. If the teachers at the school don’t have understanding for your kids’ needs, you can enlist the help of experts like the Pacific Coast Advocates.

Change is good

Change is always good and it means progress, but you need to be careful because every child is different and there isn’t any perfect program which guarantees flawless success.

Bear in mind that it’s important to reduce the level of stress of both you and your child and that should be no problem as long as you have a good plan and act proactively.

Good communication

Good communication is one way of assuring that the transition will go down smoother. The goal here is to give your child as much information as you can, experiences from people close to them; friends, family, relatives, etc.

It is important to let them know that they are not alone in this and that change does not mean that they are never going to see their old friends again. Instead, they are also going to meet new ones.

The more familiar your child gets with the new school, teachers, kids in the class, the more confidence they are going to build up, and the more info you communicate to them, the more control they will have over any situation.

Introduce your child to the new school beforehand

This is a very good method to help your kid get more familiar with the new school, classrooms, hallways, teachers, just about any aspect there is.

By giving them the opportunity to get to know to their new surroundings in advance will surely make ‘’the first day of school’’ much easier as they would feel more confident and prepared.

You can also make some photos or videos for them to check out later. Visiting the school’s web page is also a good source of information.

You can use social networks to add kids from the new class and therefore reduce the stress of meeting new people in person on the first day of school. You can even organize little get-togethers to let the kids get to know each other on a more neutral and casual ground.


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