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How I Boosted My Company’s Social Media Following In Less Than A Month

Like a lot of small businesses, I wanted a better social media presence. While at first, I thought “this is easy, I know how to use Instagram and Facebook,” I, (like many others), quickly learned that couldn’t be further from the truth. However, as I knew social media could practically be free advertising, it’s also an item I was determined to master. The results? I boosted our following in less than a month, as well as drove more revenue towards our store. Here’s how:

Looking At The Numbers

When I first approached the idea of boosting my company’s social media, I had no clue on where to start. Naturally, I wanted all of our platforms to see an increase in following, but I also knew that to be practical, I had to pick where I was going to get the best bang for our buck. After all, it’s not necessarily about finding the largest base, but the one that’s going to engage the most with you, which is where I felt like our first step was.

To begin, I took a look at what platforms I was using personally to engage with my industry. Instagram, by far, was one of the most popular, which was great because it’s also one of the fastest growing platforms (in fact, Brandwatch puts it around approximately 800 million current Instagram users).  However, finding the platform was only half the battle, as the other half was figuring out where these groups were engaging; because while 48 percent of Americans have interacted with a brand at least once (as noted by Ignite Visibility), the goal here was to make engagement a regular thing. Ultimately, the primary platforms I went with was Instagram and Twitter, giving me two great foundational audiences.

Increasing Engagement

With my mediums set, my next goal was to start looking into how I could increase engagement. Although I’d heard of engaging as one of those buzzwords often associated with social media, I also knew that it had a real effect. Quite simply, the more you like or comment on something, the more likely you’re going to see that in your feed again and again, and in turn, getting others to start discovering you. Before even a fraction of that could be possible, I also needed to take a step back and come up with a plan.

The first platform I wanted to make my primary objective was Instagram because as noted by Invespcro, the engagement rate is around 4.21 percent, which is much higher than any other platform, giving me a good barometer of what success looked like. From there, the mission was to get Instagram followers to like my posts, and although that might sound elementary, it involved quite a bit of A/B testing. I went through different variations and styles of writing copy, designing/editing posts, and even factored in the timing of when to post. Although it might sound like overkill, it felt like a necessity to be constantly studying this stuff, honing in on what could make my page pop.

Eventually, my posts started to gain the likes that I wanted, but that was only the first half of my engagement plan: the other end was going out and investing myself into other’s pages as well. I never really liked it when other companies would comment on my personal page with insincere comments, hoping to get a follow, which is why one of my first focuses was finding content that genuinely started a conversation. I tried to keep this consistent as much as possible, even going out and seeking pages to engage with individually. My overall goal in this process was to make my business social media feel like an elevated personal page, one with slightly more commenting, posting, and liking.

Staying Consistent With It

As both my engagement metrics and rough plan were in place, the final step to boosting social was increasing consistency day-in and day-out. Not only is this standard practice, but one that can help out quite a bit in increasing your cash flow. I had seen in Inc that consistency could increase revenues by 23 percent, and while I was skeptical at first, I realized that it was pretty accurate. Why? It increases the chance for people to discover.

Although with some posts I’d lose followers, the vast majority of them would generally increase my audience and thus drive more customers to my store. I’ll also note that through time I’d get better at driving sales directly through our page, utilizing specific call-to-action strategies, as well as advertising social media exclusives such as free shipping or flash sales. All-in-all, social has become one of the top drivers of traffic for my business, and I’m glad to have put the foundation in place.

What are some strategies you’ve used to boost your company’s social media? Comment with your answers below!


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