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Noticing the Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

Becoming familiar with common indicators of elder abuse will help you when trying to determine if an elderly person in your life is being subjected to elder abuse.  Paying attention to common signs of elder abuse will help you know if you need to step in and get help for your elderly loved one.

Warning Signs of Elder Neglect by Caregivers

When considering whether an elderly loved one is being neglected by their caregiver, it is important to look for unsafe or unsanitary living conditions, the presence of bed sores, unusual weight loss, complaints of dehydration, clothing which is inappropriate for the weather, and a general lack of cleanliness or lack of regular bathing.  These indicators may reveal that the elderly person is not being properly cared for.

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Warning Signs of Physical Abuse

Some indicators of physical abuse to watch out for include the presence of unexplained injuries.  Common unexplained injuries that may be a result of physical abuse include sprained or broken bones, bruises, marks on skin, scars, welts, and broken glasses.  Unnecessary restraining may also result in a finding of rope marks on a person’s wrists, so if you know there is no reason for the elderly person to need to be restrained, this is a serious warning sign of abuse.

Warning Signs of Financial Abuse

If you suspect financial abuse is occurring to an elderly individual in your life, there are some warning signs to look for that can help you decide if you need to step in and help resolve the situation or not.  Some of these warning signs of financial abuse include sudden and significant changes in an elderly individual’s will, missing cash or checkbooks, financial activity that would have been impossible for the elderly person to have completed on their own, and unexplained withdrawals of large sums of money from financial accounts.


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