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Repairing Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofs have more typical forms than residential ones do, so there are many methods for commercial roof repair Collin County companies do. Here are some of the popular ones for the various types of roofs that may be encountered:

Pitched, Shingled Roofs

These roofs are the most like those on typical houses. They’re often found covering smaller buildings where a homey appearance is important, such as restaurants, some doctor’s offices, and other such locations. There, repair is done much like it is in residential roofing: By finding and patching leaks with new flashing or new shingles. If there are problems that can destroy the roof further, such as tree branches rubbing on the roof, they will need to be removed to ensure that the repair stays intact.

Flat Roofs

The biggest problem with fixing a leaky, flat roof is finding the leak. Even though a “flat” roof usually has a slight pitch of about an inch or so, water can easily travel in unexpected directions until it finds the weakest point rather than the lowest one. It’s important to find a skilled commercial roofer for this work. For flat commercial roof repair Collin County contractors should send someone with plenty of experience.

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Once the leak is pinpointed, patching is done. Some big, flat roofs use multi-layered covering systems. In these cases, the damaged area is often removed and replaced, and the joints between the new and old sections are then sealed so they don’t become new leak points.

Other flat roofs use the simpler and older system of tar covering followed by the application of gravel. For these, repair may only require a patch of tar to stop the problem. In some cases, however, tarring over a very large surface area is needed. This is required when the original roofing tar has become thin and weak in many places instead of just one.

Metal Roofs

Whether the roof is basic corrugated metal or is formed in a visually-pleasing pattern, the basic options for repair are similar. Paint-on patch material will stop minor leaks, and it can be obtained in a variety of colors to make a good match.

For larger leaks, epoxying or welding patches in place is often the solution. The patches can then be painted to match the rest of the roof.

To find roof problems before they become major, have regular roof inspections. No matter which type of roof is involved, fixing it is always easier when issues are small.


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