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The Significance Of Gold In Religion

Gold is not just a beautiful store of wealth, it has been associated with the divine throughout countless civilizations. It has been used in religious symbolism and religious artwork for centuries. If you want a precious gift with a specific religious or spiritual significance, then buy gold bullion Brisbane.

Gold In Christianity

It seems proper to look at gold during the Christmas season, which is a significant holiday in Christianity. In the Christian religion, gold appears in the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, when Jesus was born, a group of wise men journeyed from the East to celebrate the birth of the new king. Among the three gifts they brought with them was gold. According to scholars the gift of gold symbolised power, wealth and the kingship of Christ on earth.

This isn’t the only story that contained gold, but gold has been mentioned in other biblical text. Genesis 2:10 and 2:11 mentions Eden’s four rivers and one of the rivers flowed around the land of “Havilah” where there was gold. In the last book in the Bible, Revelations(21:21) the new Jerusalem is depicted as a place with streets of gold so pure it was like they were made of transparent glass.

Gold is described not only as a symbol of wealth but it is also described as having spiritual value. This is why gold was used extensively in Christian iconography. The most sacred objects used in churches are fashioned from gold. You have golden crosses, golden chalices and altars. Gold leaf has been use on statues, to adorn special religious manuscripts. Even halos are fashioned out of gold. Some Christians have gone as far as using gold for gold Christian church domes, especially in churches in Eastern Europe.

The importance of gold in other religions

Because of it’s rarity and indestructible nature, the use of gold in religion conveys the immortality and uniqueness that other metals cannot convey. The special status of this yellow metal in religious context has persisted throughout history and various religions. Gold is important in Judaism as much as it is in Islam. Gold fits in with Islamic teaching around money. In Islam usury is forbidden which makes gold an ideal currency because it is not money that accrues interest. In response to the growth of modern-day gold-based investment practices, The Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions has set (AAOIFI) a gold standard they have govern gold transactions and to ensure adherence to Shari’a laws. This has seen a spike in gold bullion sales amongst Muslims. Men who are prohibited from adorning themselves with gold jewellery can now enjoy owning a bit of this precious metal in the for. Of gold bullion bars, tablets, ingots or coins.  

The biggest religion that regard gold as being auspicious is the Hindu religion. Gold is associated with some of the most important deities in Hinduism like Lakshmi and Brahma. To Hindus gold is a symbol of good fortune, wealth and prosperity and it features in a lot of religious celebrations, weddings and various festivals. Gold is freely given and stored in temples all throughout India. It is passed on from family to family and generation to generation. This precious metal also holds a special significance in Buddhism.

Why talk about gild in religion? Well, because religion plays a great role in the socioeconomic issues of most countries. If you ever need a reason to buy gold bullion Brisbane, you can always cite its importance in the fabric of the society, culture or religion you subscribe to.


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