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The Top US Cars

America’s car industry has always been known for quality and innovation and the cars that emerge from the production lines throughout the nation are popular at home and abroad. Of the five top homemade cars, two are from the Ford company, which is a testament to the foresight and genius of Henry Ford, the American industrialist and entrepreneur. The other three include a Toyota, a Honda and a Chevrolet. If you own any of these popular cars, ensure you take the best care of it with regular maintenance checks and comprehensive motor insurance.

In pole position as the most popular US made car, is the Toyota Camry. This mid-sized, four-door car has been in manufacture since the early 1980s and currently rolls off the assembly lines in Georgetown, Kentucky and Lafayette, Indiana. The car has undergone some changes to its specification so that the latest model includes High Solar Energy-Absorbing (HSEA) glass, rear window defogger with timer and 16-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers and P215/60R16 tyres as standard. With a range of optional extras and a free maintenance plan with roadside assistance, you simply need to choose your motor insurance and enjoy this number one rated vehicle.

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In second place is the Honda Accord, which has been assembled in Marysville, Ohio since 1982. This car comes in a full range including compact, mid-sized and full-sized vehicles. Now in its eighth generation, the full-size sedan is complemented by a coupe and a Crosstour fastback model, which has distinct modelling. The fastback style incorporates a continuously sloping roofline at the back. The car can be a fashion statement as well as a reliable vehicle for work and leisure. For such an eye-catching model, however, you may wish to ensure your motor insurance is comprehensive, as you are bound to receive a few envious looks.

Third and fourth place in the list go to models of the Ford car, the Ford Escape, made in Kansas City, Missouri and the Ford Focus cars, made in Wayne, Michigan. The Ford Escape is a SUV of compact design, first introduced in 2000 and with a hybrid version introduced in 2004. The hybrid was the first hybrid SUV available on the market, achieving 34 miles per US gallon. The Ford Focus was introduced in 1998 and is classed as a compact car, which is now in its third generation. The latest developments in the vehicle style include the use of more improved materials within the design of the cabin

In fifth place is the Chevrolet Malibu, produced in Kansas City, Kansas. This mid-sized car was originally a rear-wheel drive in the 1970s and 1980s but in 1997, became a front-wheel drive car and has proved very popular. Now in its seventh generation, the four-door sedan has a choice of three engine sizes and also a hybrid version.

The top five US made cars are all popular for good reason. Reliability, quality materials and safety features are all considered. So, choose whichever is most suited to your needs and preferences, invest in comprehensive motor insurance and enjoy your new car.


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