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Three Things Every Good Work Uniform Should Have

The average work uniform is frequently called upon to serve a wide variety of functions, and a neat, attractive uniform goes a long way toward making a positive first impression on customers. Although every company has its own individual needs and preferences regarding work uniforms, there are some standards that all good uniforms should have. Following are three things that you should look for when deciding on a uniform for your employees.

Brand Recognition

At the most basic level, a uniform serves to identify employees in business environments that are open to the public. This facilitates good customer service and cuts down on customer dissatisfaction. The best uniforms, however, go beyond visual continuity and provide instant brand recognition. For instance, you could have your company logo embroidered on the pocket or the back of the shirt. You could also choose to buy uniforms in specific colors that represent your business.


Durability is an important factor in a uniform. Keep in mind that work uniforms are optimally laundered far more often than their street-wear counterparts, particularly in businesses such as food service and auto mechanics where spillage, odors, and other factors make it necessary to wash uniform items after a single wearing. Thick, sturdy fabrics that can hold up to numerous hot water washings are recommended. The ideal uniform also is made of stain resistant material that is also wrinkle-free to ensure a fresh, crisp appearance.

The material should also be thick enough to provide a degree of protection against minor mishaps such as burns and scrapes.

Comfort and Safety

Clothing that’s too tight, restrictive, or simply doesn’t ft right can have a negative impact on even the most dedicated employee’s job performance — employees who are forced to dress in uncomfortable attire often don’t give their full attention to the task at hand. Uniforms should provide optimal breathability, particularly for those working in occupations that require a great deal of moving around, such as restaurant work. It is also essential that they allow the employee to move freely in the course of performing his or her job duties.

In some cases, the wrong uniform can even be construed as a safety hazard. For instance, if you flowing or loose sleeves should never be a part of the picture in the food service business because they can easily catch on fire while the employee is working near the open flame of a gas range. The uniforms provided to commercial kitchen employees and those working in mechanic shops should have fire-resistant properties.

Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience for assistance in choosing the right work uniform for your business.


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