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Types of Adoption Available for Prospective Parents

So, you want a baby and you try each month only to find that you are unable to get pregnant. You go to the fertility clinic and you find that they cannot help you either. You think that your dream of children is over, but you can always adopt. Adopting is a great way to give a child a warm loving home. There are many children that are waiting to be adopted. Thousands of children sit in orphanages and foster care just waiting for someone to become their parents. You might think adoption will be difficult but armed with the right information as well as an attorney who specializes in the adopting of children. Here is some information on the types as well as the process.

• Domestic. This form of adopting is done with an adopting agency or an attorney. In some cases, a doctor may even over see it. This form of adopting is done within the United States and you will be able to choose the child that meets your needs. The birth parents will have the final say on whether or not they want you to adopt their child.

  • International. This form of adopting takes place overseas where the parent is not a citizen. Adopting this way can be complicated and will need guidance from a lawyer or agency during this time.
  • Relative. This form of adopting is where the adoptive parents are related in some way to the child. The parents will need to use a legal professional to ensure that the process is done correctly.
  • Foster care. This adopting processoccurs when the child is in foster care. Potential parents are given incentives to adopt this way.
  • Open. This form of adopting is where the birth parents get to choose the adoptive parents. In many cases, the birth parents will have a relationship with their child. Adoptive parents will have to agree to this before the papers are signed.
  • Semi open. This process allows the birth parents to choose the adoptees and have contact with the child through an agency. In some cases, this is done so that the birth grandparents can still have a relationship with the child if they so wish.
  • Closed. This is the most common form of adopting. This is where the birth parents have no choice on where the child goes, and they are not allowed contact with the child. No information will be provided to either party for the most part.Knowing the process of adopting can greatly help you to prepare yourself for the adopting process. The very first thing that you should do is to consider consulting with an attorney that is well experienced with adopting. They can help you to learn all the ins and outs of the process. They can walk you through the review period as well as what agencies to connect with. This process may take a while but armed with the correct information, it should not be long before you get to complete the adopting process and have a child in your arms. If you are thinking about adopting, contact a lawyer today.


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