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Versatile GMC SUVs Are Now Equipped with a Programmable Power Liftgate

Whether you’re in the market for a new GMC SUV or heavy-hauling truck, you can find several excellent options at one of several local GMC dealers in NJ. GMC SUVs, in particular, are offered in various sizes to suit your specific driving needs.

The GMC Terrain is the most compact of the SUV and crossover offerings. It has lots of cargo space combined with the power, handling and efficiency that you’d expect from a crossover SUV. The GMC Acadia is the next step up, as it’s GMC’s midsize SUV. It has advanced driver alert systems as well as available seating for up to eight passengers. Finally, the GMC Yukon is the largest SUV offering from GMC. It has powerful engine options, plenty of seating, cargo space and an improved quiet cabin.

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One thing that all of these SUVs have in common is the new GMC programmable power liftgate. This new feature, available as standard equipment on the Terrain Denali, Yukon SLT and Yukon Denali, as well as the SLE-2, SLT and Denali trims of the Acadia, lets you operate the trunk door without manually unlocking it. This means that with a handful of shopping bags or luggage, you can open your trunk automatically for simplified loading of the rear cargo space.

GMC’s new programmable power liftgate isn’t just power-operated, the driver can also adjust different options. These programmable options are mostly related to where you park your vehicle most often. The switch in the interior of your vehicle that activates the power liftgate has three positions — max, ¾-height and off. When max height is chosen, the trunk door rises to the highest position possible. At the ¾ setting, it opens to three-quarters of its full opening, which is especially useful when your vehicle is located in a low clearance parking area.

The power liftgate can be activated while you’re sitting in your GMC vehicle or while you’re approaching it from the outside. The button inside the vehicle lets you set its opening height and activate it simply by pushing a button. If you’re approaching your GMC SUV from one of many GMC dealers in NJ, you can press the liftgate button on your remote key fob to open the trunk door. Some models require you to push the button twice, other models need just one push. Closing the trunk is completed the same way, by simply pushing the key fob button.

Stop by your local GMC dealer in NJ to test drive one of several GMC SUVs and try out the programmable power liftgate feature for yourself.


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