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What Colour Motivates Staff Working in an Office

When you run or own a business, you find out that a big percentage of your success relies on how inspired, engaged and motivated staff are. The colour that staff surround themselves with on a daily basis has a significant impact on their mood, clarity, level of focus and other brain functions.

They can give them an emotional and physical response and have a greater effect on their productivity than you realise. With that being said, here are some colours that motivate staff working in an office.


Blue is known to stimulate the mind. Soft blues help concentration and have the capability of calming the mind while strong blues clear thought. This colour can enhance wakefulness and also brings about better, clearer communication between staff. It’s a mental based colour great for office where creativity and thinking need to be amplified. This colour naturally amplifies the intensive focus and creativity required in office working environments.


This colour is ideal for people who work long hours. Our eyes perceive this colour in a way that needs no adjustment. This means green doesn’t contribute to eye fatigue, plus it’s beneficial to people suffering from screen-induced asthenopia (eye strain).

Green is closely associated with the natural environment. As a result, it symbolises rejuvenation, growth, harmony and balance. Green aid in reducing anxiety among staff. Also, research has linked this colour to improved creative performance, which makes it a great colour in offices where innovation is certainly paramount to success.


Yellow is a very positive and vibrant colour that amplifies energy and also naturally brings about higher self-esteem levels in staff. If you want your employees to get into a positive and happy state of mind and produce high-quality work, use yellow in your office. It also helps with stimulating creativity and can help in bringing about a more positive mental state.


Red is a more active and productive colour. This colour can trigger things such as “fight or flight” responses; it energises people by increasing their heart rate and respiration. The colour brings about focus and greater attention in employees. Red can increase production in places where the work environment is typically a physical job. It reinforces strength and stimulates employees’ minds.


Orange is also a stimulating colour. Studies have revealed that this colour can increase the oxygen supply to your brain. Consequently, this ends up producing an energising effect and stimulating brain activity. Also, Ancient Feng Shui principles hold that this colour promotes organisation and stimulates focus and concentration. This makes orange an ideal choice in offices where staff needs the endurance to continue working long hours.

A wide variety of colours can soothe or stimulate employees. Understanding these important concepts will help you improve your office if you choose to put them into effect. You can use these colours in carpets that you install in your office. Nothing will have a great impact on the look of your office like the colour choice of flooring. If you are looking for carpet suppliers where you can get carpets to warm up your office and motivate your staff, visit JHS.


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