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What Determines My Auto Insurance Quote?

Insurance is something of a tricky business because rates can’t be standardized across the board. An auto insurance quote Scottsdale is specific to you and you alone. If you don’t know how the process works, the final number can seem like a mystery. Finding out more about what affects your specific rate can help you figure out how to save money on your insurance over the long term. 

How It Works 

To a certain extent, auto insurance companies rely on demographics to determine what a driver is likely to do (or what is likely to happen to their car.) Teenagers simply don’t have the same experience that older drivers have which makes them more of a risk. A 16-year old may very well be more responsible than their 40-year old counterpart who has a few too many and decides to drive home, but insurance companies can’t always take that chance. If you live in a neighborhood with a high rate of crime, then your premium will be higher simply due to the increased chances that your car will be stolen. 

What Raises Your Rates?

Unsurprisingly, past accidents or multiple driving violations will usually have the biggest impact on your rates. It also matters what state you live in. Each state sets their own minimums when it comes to how much insurance you’re required to have. For example, Maine requires drivers to have $50,000 per person worth of coverage in case of bodily injury, while Florida sets their minimum at $10,000. Other potential factors include the type of car you buy, and whether or not you lease or finance it. A sports car will likely raise you higher rates, while leasing or financing requires full coverage on the vehicle.

What Lowers Your Rates?

The best thing to do is to drive your car as carefully as possible if you want the lowest rates possible. Consider taking traffic school as a means to get your costs down if you fall into this category. Paying for your car with cash, having excellent credit, and sporting a spotless driving record can all get you some more cash in your pocket every month too. Also, consider getting better safety features for your car, such as tracking devices or an advanced alarm system. Even more traditional anti-theft measures like The Club may help take down your premium. 

Finding someone who can give you an auto insurance quote Scottsdale is easy, but finding someone who can do it in such a way where you understand the numbers can be difficult. Look for a company who understands what you need, and who can give you pointers to getting the best possible rates. 


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