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Why Your Kids Should Have A Dog

There are a lot of different animals your kids could have as a pet, but the best choice you can make when it comes to giving them their first pet, is none other but a dog. After all, there is a reason why the dog is known to be the man’s best friend.

They are amazing companions

When you need to go to work, by having a dog at home, you can always count on someone to be company for your kids. Dogs are absolutely fantastic companions, and they are certainly one of the best cures for loneliness and depression. These animals never seem to run out of energy, and they will always try to cheer your kids up.

Once a dog and the kid develop a relationship of friend ship, the dog will stay with your kid until time catches up to him and he will never leave your child’s side. Because dogs can sense emotions, they are great with kids who are sad, angry, nervous or stressed, and there are many respected veterinarians like Gordon Vet Hospital who will agree with that.

Great for health

Making your kids walk the dog from time to time will definitely improve their health and keep the away from TV and computer screens at least for some time. It has been proven that having a dog will strengthen the owner’s immune system, and they will make the kids less prone to asthma and allergies in comparison to kids that have grown up without a dog.

Another thing dogs are great for is detecting harmful products that are dangerous for both you and your kids without you even knowing about it. Because of their great sense of smell, they can sense all kinds of allergens that can be even lethal for your kids if they happen to be hypo-allergic.

Playing with dogs is never boring

Great for protection

Leaving you kid home alone can sometimes be really worrying even if you know that you live in a safe neighborhood. However, by getting yourself a dog, you will always have someone who will alert you about unknown presence near your property, and the dog will definitely defend your kids if it has to when someone breaks in.

Dogs are also great when it comes to preventing bullying as they will often scare kids that tend to bully yours by just a couple of barks. However, in order to make sure nobody suffers from dangerous diseases like rabies, it is always smart to vaccinate your dog. You can get effective puppy vaccinations at Gordon Vet Hospital or your local veterinarian station.

They are even cuter when they get messy

Dogs are just fun in general

When it comes to animals that are extremely fun to play around with, the majority of the people you ask are either going to put dogs or cats as their number one. Dogs are really playful and they tend to do a lot of silly things when they think you aren’t watching, and that is just something that you will want to experience by yourself.

Final Word

Having pets is something every child should have when they are young as there are just a lot of lifechanging perks it gives to the child. It will teach them a majority of important things such as caring for someone, a lot of habits which will serve them good later in life, and many more.


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